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Taiba, another name for al-Madinah al-Munawwarah, is the glorious city and the most beloved area to Allah's Messenger, Prophet Muhammad.

Taiba was the destination of the Prophet in the most blessed migration in history, the place where he and and his blessed Companions were warmly embraced and welcomed. It is the first capital of Islam and the blessed resting place of Prophet Muhammad.

The glory, eminence and prestige of Taiba has been boosted by the Prophet Muhammad's domicile, his sacred tomb, as well as his Holy Mosque who contains a garden from Paradise. The Prophet's Mosque today is able to accommodate one million worshippers at peak times. This has given rise to the need for developing and re-organizing the central area adjacent to the Mosque, whilst retaining the heritage of the a rea in terms of architectural harmony and in accordance with the sacredness of the site, in order to accommodate the increasing number of pilgrims.

Prophet Muhammad also confirmed that faith dwells in al-Madinah, and that neither the plague nor any serious epidemic would ever find access to it. He urged Muslims to acquire residence in Taiba and live within its blessed sanctuary.

Alpha1Estates International in Madinah

Al-Tilal Villas, Madinah
A major Islamic real estate project allowing Muslims worldwide to own their permanent residence moments from the Prophet's Mosque, Madinah.

Al-Tilal Villas

'To learn more about our new projects in Madinah, please apply to our exclusive bespoke consultancy programme for real estate in the Holy Cities – 'Ihsan al-Haramain'

Madinah Gateway

Alpha1Estates International presents:
 'Madinah Gateway' – your portal to the City of
Madinah and its splendour.

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